New Set Kit Goodies, Fresh from NYC


Recently, I traveled up to NYC for the weekend to attend the beauty tradeshow, IBS (International Beauty Show). New York City is one of my favorite cities to visit. Inspiration is everywhere, plus it’s always nice to get away! I stayed at the beautiful Hudson Hotel right near Central Park. The room itself was more on the petite (i.e., tight!) side, but I swear it was the quietest morning I’ve ever woken up to in NYC. Here’s the view from my room. Usually my slumber is disrupted by the sounds of taxis, buses, horns, people hollering, children crying, strangers fighting, and general sounds of the city.

The hotel also features a gorgeous outdoor patio, although it was closed when I was there. You know, since it was 20 degrees out. That’s cool, though. I’ll just have to make a visit back once spring finally decides to show up. The Hudson also boasts a chic bar and restaurant, and if you don’t feel like venturing far in your down time, many of the guests were found reading quietly in the foyer.

And now onto all the products I grabbed for my makeup and hair set kit. I was running low on men’s hair products, so I scooped up some smaller sizes. These Rusk products fit neatly in my hair kit, without taking up too much room. The Paste and the Glue will be great on controlling longer locks, while the Putty has a subtle, matte finish that’s a bit softer and not so product-y.


I plan on rocking some great voluminous blowouts with the Rusk Mousse, while the Rusk Thermal Serum and Rusk Thermal Flat Iron Spray will be great for working on sleek, straighter styles.



EcoStyler is really great for defining curly hair. Yup. Styling gel, you say? Um, I haven’t used styling gel since the 80s. Well get ready, because it’s my top pick product for curly hair that just so happens to also be alcohol-free. Win. This updated version is made with olive oil, which is ALL THE RAGE. Ha. But really, I use it on myself when I’m too lazy to blow dry my hair. Hence, the monster size 32 oz. tub I got. Always perfect curls, that aren’t too crunchy (promise). Might have to give away samples to friends or I may never get to the bottom.


Next up…these Japanese duck bill clips were also hard to resist (perfect for setting hair for pins curls) and I went a little crazy on the fine-tooth combs (some not shown!). But hey, you can never have too many combs for last minute tweaks on-set for smoothing down haywire hairs.


I’ve been hearing great things about Eve Pearl’s Salmon Concealers. Instead of buying them individually, I decided to get the HD Pro Palette since it’s jammed with all 12 HD dual foundations, 6 Salmon concealers, cream blushes, eye primer, illuminator and lip treatment. Sold. I’ve experimented on myself so far, and I’ve been impressed with the results. I can sheer it out for light coverage or can achieve medium to full coverage just as easily. Plus, I can create many looks if I were only carrying the palette alone. Great for keeping a lightweight kit.


Excited to add these new products and tools to my makeup and hair kit!


Instagrams: 2013 wrap-up

Whew! Can’t believe we’re already halfway through 2013 so far. Thought I’d switch it up and show an update in pictures.

The beginning of the year started with me blocking wigs for the traveling show, Priscilla. This was a fun way to pass a few days. There were soo many wigs. I think I’m a pro by now!

Baltimore is beautiful during the spring time when all the flowers start blooming. Cherry blossoms are everywhere here.

Headed up to NYC for a beauty tradeshow. I decided to make a weekend out of it and rented bikes for the day. It was my first time biking my way around Central Park.

Biking our way around Central Park!

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My favorite weekend activity is hitting the farmer’s market. Luckily there is one in my neighborhood, which makes for relaxing Saturday mornings.

Peonies & Peas. Get 'em while they're hot. #farmersmarket

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Must MUST get a pulled pork barbeque biscuit sandwich from Blacksauce Kitchen

Fresh strawberries from the market for breakfast

I also took a recent trip to Puerto Rico to celebrate my boyfriend’s birthday. Stops included Old San Juan and a gorgeous ferry ride to Culebra where we camped on the beach. Breathtaking!

Take me back #puertorico

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View of El Morro

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Stumbled upon this Memorial Day display outside of work one day. Lots of people were walking though the flags and taking a quiet moment.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

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Pools open. First sign of summer!

A perfect Baltimore summer day…

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View from Gaylord Hotel in the National Harbor. Had a shoot here recently and the hotel is awesome!

Makeup for a shoot today in National Harbor. Soo pretty!

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New Work: Greene Turtle commercials

It’s always exciting to see your work on TV. That’s why I was super pumped the other day to see that The Greene Turtle commercials I worked on a couple months ago were starting to air.

It was a fun shoot, with lots of extras and a great team to work with over the two days. We shot two television ads and created some fresh content for their newly updated website to reflect a new menu. Take a peek below of some of the stills!





Also, a fun addition was that I was featured as an actress, as well as doing makeup/grooming. See if you can spot me in the commercial…

YouTube Preview Image

Weddings: Historic Ellicott City Elegance

Here’s a photo set from a wedding I did makeup for recently. Carrie, the bride and I met in college while studying communications.

Carrie’s wedding had a private, intimate feel to it from the very start. We got ready at The Obladi, which is located right on Main Street in Ellicott City. For her makeup, I created a flawless foundation base, then added a berry lip and flushed cheeks for a modern take on a very classic bridal look.

Photography: Rachel Smith Photography

Venues: Ellicott City Weddings and Events and The Obladi

Lashes: Making Fuller Lashes

Here’s an example of a client I did a lash fill-in on today. It was about 4 weeks since her last appointment, and over 60% of her lash extensions were still intact. In this appointment, I focused on making my client’s lashes fuller, since her extensions from the last appointment already created a nice frame. By using lots of smaller lashes (7/8’s) throughout the lash line, I can quickly create a fuller lashes and build up her lash line effortlessly.

When I use lots of smaller lashes in-between, they help to support the longer, thicker ones. Plus, clients will find that the lashes feel weightless. This is a great trick I use on all my clients instead of just throwing on a lot of longer, thick lashes. That will only weigh down the lashes and make them shed prematurely.

Another bonus of using lots of smaller lashes: in a few weeks when my client is ready for her fill-in, there won’t be lots of spaces where lashes have shed. The smaller lashes blend in better, and since they are attached to newer, shorter lashes, they will still be intact until the next appointment.

New(ish) Work: Latico Leathers Spring 2011 #2

Red lips are always in style. I decided to incorporate it into this look for Latico Leathers after seeing many popular ads recently featuring a red lip. If you want to make a statement with a bold lip, first apply a highly pigmented lipstick with a brush, blot with a tissue (single layer) then re-apply another coat of lipstick. Tired of red? Look for a color with a strong orange undertone. Then keep the rest of your makeup natural.


Lashes: Vote for my Behind-the-Scenes Video

I created this video to show the process of applying Novalash lash extensions. After taking a look, PLEASE VOTE HERE for my video to win Lash Artist of the Year. You can vote every single day, if your little heart desires, and it would mean so much! Log into Facebook and vote (hey, you probably waste hours on Facebook daily, right?!)

In this video, I demonstrate a dramatic lash, the most lush and thickest lashes available. Natural styles are also available, since these lashes are super customizable. It’s your choice! Enjoy watching and don’t forget to vote.

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